Relaxed Delivery Course

Several times a year you can follow the “Relaxed Birth” course with us. There are several forms of the course and there is always something that suits you. Our experiences with this course are good and we can therefore certainly recommend that you participate.

As a pregnant woman you are sometimes confronted with negative birth stories. This can ensure that as a pregnant woman you automatically assume that giving birth is something scary or very painful. No need for that: you can also give a Relaxed birth with Hypnobirthing and Mindfulness.

Relaxed delivery is a fun and inspiring course that is certainly not floaty but very informative and practical. You and your partner will learn everything you need to know about childbirth and especially how, thanks to Hypnobirthing and Mindfulness, you can make this not a stressful and very painful event, but a special life experience that you can look back on positively.

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