Started in 2016, Praktijk Onder De Linde has grown into a cloud obstetrics and ultrasound practice. More and more pregnant women in the Haarlem region appreciate our approach.

Started from a belief that care for pregnant women can be even more pleasant and better than it already is. We try to dot all the i’s so that you can have a pregnancy.


Marieke is a familiar face in Haarlem. As a true Haarlem woman, Marieke knows the city and the surrounding area like no other.

Characteristic of Marieke is that she wants to provide the best care and that she spends all the time on your wishes. Her background as a lactation consultant ensures that you can contact her with all your questions about breast and bottle feeding.

Marieke is the proud mother of 1 daughter and 2 sons and lives with her husband on their houseboat.


Stephanie has been a midwife since July 2011. She has been living in this area since April 2017, after having lived and worked in Amsterdam for a long time.
Stephanie thinks the best thing about midwifery is the bond you build with the pregnant woman and her partner and that you can accompany and experience such a special and unique event from so close by.
She herself is the mother of 3 children, 2 sons and a daughter; Maes, Fabe and Kate.


Maartje graduated as a midwife in 2021. I have been living in beautiful Haarlem since the beginning of July and feels more than at home! Maartje have been working at Onder de Linde practice since September and it feels like a warm bath.

She carries out her work as a midwife with a lot of love and passion. She thinks the process surrounding pregnancy, delivery and the maternity week is very special and thinks nothing is more beautiful than being part of this process. Maartje thinks it is important to have time and attention for everyone and to listen to the wishes and needs that are there. Together she looks at what suits you and what is needed and strive for continuous guidance.

In addition to Maartjes passion for obstetrics, she has a great passion for cooking and of course going out for dinner. She likes to exercise, walk and meditate and in the evening curl up on the couch for a good series or a good book.

She looks forward to meeting you!


Eva’s fascination for new life started on the farm where she grew up. Hair parents have a dairy farm and Eva was present early at the birth of the calves. She knew from an early age that she wanted to become a midwife. During her studies she exchanged the countryside for Haarlem and she feels completely at home there!

It is her goal to find out together with you how we can provide our care as best as possible can match your wishes and thus make this special period for you
beautiful and relaxing as possible.

In addition to obstetrics, Eva is a busy bee and likes to fill her time with ice skating, kitesurfing, yoga and socializing with friends.


My name is Prins van den Bergh, I live with my husband Maarten. we have 3 children and expecting a baby soon.

I enjoy working as an assistant at Onder De Linde.
I previously worked as a doula for four years. I did this with great pleasure and passion, but I missed the regularity in combination with my family. Very nice to have me again and still surround with pregnant women and their possible partner and share is allowed being part of a fantastic team of passionate midwives. I also give deeply relaxing pregnancy and postpartum massages in practice, can be booked again from April 2023 due to leave.


Hester has been a practice assistant in our practice since May 2022 and has worked in healthcare for some time before that. She has been living with her husband and three children in Heemstede for several years and is someone who likes to take good care of others and who likes to organize. As a practice assistant in the practice she likes to put people at ease and make them feel comfortable. She is very excited to be ready for you in the coming fun and special period. See you soon in practice!

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