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    Midwifery practice Onder De Linde stands for personal and small-scale care. With us you can opt for individual consultations or group consultations.
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    We believe that clear information ensures a safe feeling and more satisfaction. That is why we have clearly arranged the information that we think you should have as a pregnant woman. You will find information, tips and links for each phase of your pregnancy.

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    Questions about your registration?

    When should I register with a midwife?

    LeAfter the positive test you can register with a midwife. On time registration is useful to be able to schedule all appointments on time.

    What happens after I register with you?

    After we receive your registration, we will contact you by telephone within 24 hours, also during the weekend. We will then go through your details by telephone and schedule the first appointments. After telephone contact, we will send you a welcome email with the agreements made and additional information about the pregnancy and our practice.

    When do I have my first appointment after I sign up?

    If desired, we schedule an early ultrasound around 7 weeks of pregnancy. We usually schedule the intake interview between 6-9 weeks of pregnancy.

    What happens during the first appointment with the midwife?

    The first appointment with the midwife is the intake interview. During the intake interview, we discuss your medical history, the health in the family and which prenatal tests you can do during pregnancy. We will also tell you about our practice and what you can expect from us.

    What should I bring to the first appointment?

    During the intake interview you bring; an identity document and insurance card.

    Can I also call you to sign up?

    Of course you can! Call us on 023-8902814 and we will go through everything with you.

    If I have urgent questions before my first appointment, can I contact you already?

    You can always call us on 023-8902814 or 06-14426492. Mailing is also allowed!