Diet planet Saskia Peters

Saskia has been part of our practice since 2020.

She has chosen the profession of dietician because she finds it interesting to see what (better) nutrition can do with/for someone; from experiencing more energy to reducing intestinal complaints.

It also makes her happy to see you become more and more energetic and healthier during her guidance and coaching. Saskia does her job with great enthusiasm, empathy and patience. She looks beyond what is being eaten. She finds the ‘why’ behind these choices at least as interesting and important.

She makes a (always feasible) plan in a personal way and in consultation. Saskia loves food and everything related to it.

Her hobbies are cooking, trying new restaurants and reading about nutrition and health. Sport and exercise is important for Saskia to be and remain in balance physically and mentally. Whether she’s walking, running, practicing yoga, meditating or getting worn out during crossfit, she clears her head while moving.

If you want to talk to Saskia, you can schedule a consultation here.