Van Soest Coach

Who am I?
I am Eef van Soest (28), a midwife in Amsterdam and since March 2022 a coach specialized in the field of anxiety surrounding the desire to have children, pregnancy and childbirth, birth trauma and the period of young new parenthood. Both for the woman and
her mate.

Coaching for whom and when?
Are you currently experiencing “excessive” anxiety?
Do you dread giving birth, are you afraid of the pain?
Do you find it exciting how your life will change with a baby or a change in the family composition?
Is the desire for a new pregnancy holding you back because of trauma from the previous birth?
Is the pink cloud less pink than expected/hoped?
In addition, the period around having a baby is a period in which certain situations become more visible. For example, do you experience criticism from colleagues and do you not know how to deal with it or do you experience interference from family or friends? The coaching sessions will also help you with this.

During the coaching sessions we work on the following challenges:
– Increase self-confidence
– Emotions (e.g. fear/stress management)
– Living with full responsibility
– Give yourself life
– Make choices from connection with yourself
– Learn how to put yourself first
– Practical skills
– Personal leadership

If you have any questions or are not sure whether coaching is something for you. Feel free to contact me without obligation by mail or by phone via +31643111426