Birth Trauma Processing

Help with recovery after childbirth
It is often said that the time after the birth of your baby is a Pink Cloud, but that is not always the case. Maternity tears are part of the process during the first few days after delivery, but if you notice that after a while you are still often and in a non-positive
If you think back to your pregnancy, delivery and/or maternity period, we speak of birth trauma.
Trauma may sound a bit heavy in your ears, but that is the name for an experience that you have experienced as negative or unpleasant and which you often think back with pain in your heart or tears in your eyes. Trauma can also manifest itself in more physical complaints such as fatigue or other physical complaints. It is very wise to seek help for this, so that your complaints disappear quickly and you feel better about yourself and a nicer mother for your child can be. This can be done in a low-threshold way through a Recovery interview.

Knowing more?
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