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Welcome to Praktijk Onder De Linde

All your maternity care under one roof

Are you pregnant? Do you live in the Haarlem region? We offer you the most complete care, where you can choose how you want to set up your pregnancy care.
With kind and professional staff, we can pamper you throughout your entire pregnancy.
We are aware of the difficulties you may face while being pregnant in a country where you are less familiar. Everyone working with us speaks English and we are happy to guide you through the Dutch system of maternity care. 


Our maternity package is completely covered by Ducht healthcare insurance. If you are insured in another country it depends on the facilities your insurancer offers, it usually means that you will have to advance the costs of our services.


We would love to meet you at our beautifull pratice in Haarlem.
Every introductory and intake interview is completely free. Give us a call on 31-23-8902815, or you can register through this form.

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Why you should choose Praktijk Onder De Linde

  • Extra time to get you up to speed with the Dutch health care system.
  • Longer consultations.
  • Free parking on site.
  • Evening and weekend consultation hours.
  • We take blood samples at our practise, no need to go elsewhere.
  • Labour Plan. Together we will make a plan with all your wishes.
  • All ultrasounds on site: familiar faces and a familiar environment.
  • Consultations as often as you prefer. You are always welcome, as often as you feel the need.
  • A luxurious and pleasant environment with all the attention for you and your partner.
  • Collaboration with all local hospitals.

At your service...

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Our obstetricians

From left to right: Marieke,  Didi,  Eefje  en  Ylva.

Interested in the rest of our team? Take a look here.


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Koninginneweg 113
2024 XM Haarlem

We are proud of our beautifull practise.
Located in the basement of a national monument "Villa Nieuw Stadwijk" we try to offer you a warm welcome.

Good coffee, a nice atmosphere and always our sincere attention for you.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us at 31 6 14 42 64 92. We speak English.


  • KNOV - Royal Dutch Midwifes Organisation.
  • BEN - Professional Association of Ultrasound Technicians Netherlands.
  • VUmc - Academic hospital for the supervision of medical ultrasounds.
  • Rondom Zwanger - Regional collaboration for obstetric care.