Samen Bevallen

Giving Birth Together is the most informative pregnancy course available in the Netherlands. It is a no-nonsense course that prepares you both well for the birth of your baby. The course is much more focused on giving the partner tools to facilitate the delivery, so the partner is all less welcome. After a Together Birth course, you will both enter a well-prepared birth!

You can choose from a full course and a mini course. The full course of 7 reduction of all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and labor and delivery. This complete course costs € 225,=.

Do you have less time and could it be a bit more compact? Then the mini course is very suitable. The mini course of 4 covers the information about childbirth and is completely complete. It is a compact, instructive one in which all phases of the delivery are discussed and in which we of course go into all the things you can do yourself to make the delivery go as smoothly as possible. the course costs

If you prefer to arrange a private course, in Praktijk Onder de Linde or at your home, that is certainly also an option. A course can be booked very flexibly, consistently you are not tied to a private day of time. Ideal if you have irregular work or when you don’t like to follow a group course. Please email. go to to get all the information.

Most health insurers reimburse the Samen Bevallen courses (partly) if you have an additional package. Check with your insurer whether this also applies to you.

Knowing more?
One or more courses start together, also in practice Onder de Linde. For more information, dates of courses and registrations, please send an email to General information can also be found at