Giving birth in the Netherlands

Giving birth in the Netherlands Looking for childbirth preparation in English? You’re at the right address! During this enjoyable and instructive class both you and your partner will get a lot of

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Samen Bevallen

Giving Birth Together is the most informative pregnancy course available in the Netherlands. It is a no-nonsense course that prepares you both well for the birth of your baby. The course is much more

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Birth Trauma Processing

Help with recovery after childbirth It is often said that the time after the birth of your baby is a Pink Cloud, but that is not always the case. Maternity tears are part of the process during the fi

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Van Soest Coach

Who am I? I am Eef van Soest (28), a midwife in Amsterdam and since March 2022 a coach specialized in the field of anxiety surrounding the desire to have children, pregnancy and childbirth, birth tra

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Relaxed Delivery Course

Several times a year you can follow the "Relaxed Birth" course with us. There are several forms of the course and there is always something that suits you. Our experiences with this course are good an

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Diet planet Saskia Peters

Saskia has been part of our practice since 2020. She has chosen the profession of dietician because she finds it interesting to see what (better) nutrition can do with/for someone; from experiencin

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