You may feel uncomfortable with certain things. Maybe you even have ideas how we can do it better for you?

As soon as you have comments, tips or complaints, don’t hesitate to talk to us. Our midwives are always open to this.

But what do you do if you can’t figure it out with your midwife or you want to go somewhere else with your question or complaint?

We use the following complaints procedure for this:


1. Talk to your midwife.

If you feel uncomfortable somewhere, our midwives and ultrasound technicians are always open for a conversation. Feel free to request a meeting to discuss your dissatisfaction. We want to provide the best care and any input from you is welcome. Of course your partner is very welcome. Or:


2. Schedule a meeting with one of the owners of the practice.

If you would like to talk to someone other than your midwife, but a colleague from the practice, it is always possible to schedule a meeting. This conversation can be with or without the midwife present and your partner is of course always welcome. You can send an email for this .


3. Independent Complaints Officer.

Every healthcare provider in the Netherlands has a complaints officer. In our case, this is a professional complaints officer of the Central Bureau for Complaints Management in Healthcare (CBKZ). Complaints officers of the CBKZ are not employed by Praktijk Onder De Linde. This means that they can assist you independently and impartially with a complaint. They will help you formulate your complaint and investigate the options for reaching a solution.


4. Obstetrics Dispute Resolution Body.

If, for whatever reason, you have not received a satisfactory solution through the above methods, a dispute will arise. In the case of obstetric matters, you can submit this dispute to the Foundation Disputes Committee Obstetrics (SGV). The SGV gives a binding advice on the submitted dispute.